For Excel® Users,
FREE Excel Random Number Generator based on Mersenne Twister

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    Purposes of Use

  • Pricing financial derivatives
  • Risk Management Studies
  • Preliminary test before introducing a costly calculating system
  • Writing your research article

Generates Over 1 Million
Random Numbers
Excel 64bit Version
Armed with higher precision

NtRand, an Excel Add-In Random Number Generator based on Mersenne Twister, provides various probability distributions and statistic utility functions and covers Monte Carlo VaR calculation. By updating its claculation algorithm, NtRand has greatly improved the accuracy of its distribution functions. NtRand 3.3 introduces additional functions as well!

It’s simple and powerful.
And still totally FREE!!

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17 functions/ random number generator.
110 functions/ probability distribution.
4 functions/ multivariate statistics.

Now you have…

Beta distribution/ Chi distribution/ Chi square distribution/ F distribution/ Gamma distribution/ Gumbel distribution/ Johnson SU distribution/ Logistic distribution/ Log normal distribution/ Multivariate Normal distribution/ Standard Normal distribution/ Poisson distribution/ T distribution/ Triangular distribution/ Truncated Normal distribution/ Uniform distribution/ Weibull distribution

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