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Team NtRand

The shiny one from outer space. Name: Hideyuki Torii
First programmer, serious jogger, founder of Numerical Technologies Inc., and Futurama addict. He learned computer science at University of Tokyo in 1980s. Though, computer seemed to become evil like HAL9000, so to avoid getting involved he started his career in banking business, a.k.a. quest for alligators living in the sewers of New York City. Then after, economy goes up, goes down, up and down, and down, as you all know about it. Alas! He finally realized that “Wall St. is a factory of Soylent Green.” He eventually came back to his old nest, yes, programming. God’s in his Heaven All’s right with the world.
Sleeping Capybara, just like me. Name: Shingo Suzuki
Second programmer, gradually taking over the First (without him knowing it).
He majored in cosmology and relativity in Waseda university and gained PhD in 1999.
A SERIOUS Movie freak, especially addicted to Kurosawa’s and “It’s tough to be a man” series. Raising one eyebrow? Oh, he can show you “Movie certification for 1st grade”, which he’s been carrying around since 2006.
李小龙, Bruce Lee. My ideal body. Name: Takuma Matsuo
Hardware guy, Developer.
Struggling to make NTRAND work with CUDA GPGPU, bug fixes of this web site and learning Chinese, 我的最喜欢的中国菜是饺子,非常好吃。
Having his first baby within a few months. Nobody can make him upset now, well, we never succeed before but now it’s even more difficult.
Normal humanbeing...not perfectly insane yet...boring? Yea, I think so. Name: Ai Matsuoka
Web site maintenance, HR.
Majored Scandinavian studies, enjoyed Sydney, somehow ended up working at IT company. Since “codes never lie” it was a difficult job to get along with html (they are not as flexible as i thought), but now they act the way I want them to…more or less.
LOVE having fun, traveling around, connecting with ppl, nowadays in Singapore with increasing my apples gradually.
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