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Excel add-in

NtRand Ver 3.3.0

Interface of functions has changed substantially in NtRand3.0 and later version!! People who have been using NtRand2.0 or former version may want to check the differences.

For 64bit Excel
For 32bit ExcelDOWNLOAD NOW

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NtRand supports Excel 97 – 2016┬árunning on the Windows 95 or later operating system in any language version.
See the “Microsoft Excel-specific Limitations” for more information.

NtRand 64bit and 32bit versions are corresponding to Excel versions, and not your OS versions. Please check your Excel version before installing. See also “Why NtRand 64bit version does not run on my 64bit environment?”

Support files

Html help file for NtRand

I cannot open Help file.

Sample files

Sample excel book including random number generating functions for each distribution and its related functions.
Sample excel book including distribution functions for each distribution and its related functions.
Sample excel book including functions about correlations between multi variables.
Tutorial video1
Tutorial video for parameter estimating function and single series of random numbers generating function.
Tutorial video2
Tutorial video for multivariate normal random numbers, NTRANDMULTINORM.


Only currently recommended releases are available on the main download page. Older releases are available from the older versions page.

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