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Older Versions

This page includes information for older versions of NtRand.
We strongly recommend to use the latest version.

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If you have installed older version of NtRand on your PC, you must uninstall it first (see uninstall). You cannot overwrite existing NtRand module, because Microsoft Excel caches addins into its own repository. Read the release note carefully.

Release Note

Version 2.01 (1/6/2003)
  • Argument list of random number generator functions has changed. Now they have additional argument named ‘Algorithm’ as 2nd parameter.
  • Implements three pseudo random number generation algorithms. They are, 1)Mersenne Twister 2002, 2)Mersenne Twister 1998, and 3)Numerical Recipies’s ran2. See choice of the random number generator algorithm. Version 1.x of NtRand supported Mersenne Twister 1998 only.
  • NtPCA, principal component function added.
  • Three option formula, NtOptionBS, NtOptionBF, and NtOptionGK added.
  • Boundary condition of the function NtBiNormDist has changed. Now the function gives answer if 3rd argument (Corr) is 1 or -1.
Version 1.38 (6/21/2001)
  • Performance of Beta random function improved.
Version 1.37 (6/18/2001)
  • Various random number sequence functions added.
Version 1.19 (5/21/2000)
  • Standard bivariate normal distribution function added.
Version 1.17 (2/20/2000)
  • Algorithm has revised to avoid anomary when all random seeds are zero.
Version 1.11 (3/1/1999)
  • NtCorToCov() and NtCovToCor() functions are added.
Version 1.00 (12/22/1998)
  • First release

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